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Cycling Tips

Sharing The Road

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How To Drive Safely Around Cyclists

1. Drive cautiously  

  • Always reduce your speed when you encounter cyclists     
  • In inclement weather, give cyclists extra trailing and passing room     
  • Recognize situations that may be potentially dangerous to cyclists and give them space 

    2. Yield to cyclists     
  • Cyclists are considered vehicles and should be given the appropriate right of way     
  • Cyclists may take the entire lane when hazards, road width or traffic speed dictate     
  • Motorists should allow extra time for cyclists to cross intersections 

    3. Be considerate     
  • Scan for cyclists in traffic and at intersections     
  • Do not blast your horn in close proximity to cyclists     
  • Look for cyclists when opening doors 

    4. Pass with care     
  • Leave at least four feet of space between your car and a cyclist when passing     
  • Wait until road and traffic conditions allow you to safely pass     
  • Check over your shoulder after passing a cyclist before moving back to normal position 

    5. Watch for children     
  • Children on bicycles are often unpredictable - expect the unexpected and slow down     
  • Most children don't have adequate knowledge of traffic laws     
  • Children are harder to see because they are typically smaller than adults

    Tip courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists (
  • Sharing The Road

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